Commit 6446eb09 authored by Nils Gladitz's avatar Nils Gladitz Committed by Brad King
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CTest: Added option description for --output-on-failure

Without it the option list is cut short after --debug.
parent cbc9a951
......@@ -44,7 +44,8 @@ static const char * cmDocumentationOptions[][2] =
{"-V,--verbose", "Enable verbose output from tests."},
{"-VV,--extra-verbose", "Enable more verbose output from tests."},
{"--debug", "Displaying more verbose internals of CTest."},
{"--output-on-failure", "Output anything outputted by the test program "
"if the test should fail."},
{"-F", "Enable failover."},
{"-j <jobs>, --parallel <jobs>", "Run the tests in parallel using the"
"given number of jobs."},
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