Commit 5b63e310 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King 💬
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ENH: Make ALL_BUILD always the default project

This teaches the VS IDE generators to write ALL_BUILD into solution
files first so that it is always the default active project.  Previously
it was first only if no target name sorted lexicographically earlier.
See issue #8172.
parent 00ca96ae
......@@ -729,6 +729,15 @@ bool
::operator()(cmTarget const* l, cmTarget const* r)
// Make sure ALL_BUILD is first so it is the default active project.
if(strcmp(l->GetName(), "ALL_BUILD") == 0)
return true;
if(strcmp(r->GetName(), "ALL_BUILD") == 0)
return false;
return strcmp(l->GetName(), r->GetName()) < 0;
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