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Merge topic 'doc-get_filename_component'

df71f968 get_filename_component: Document path components more clearly (#14091)
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......@@ -62,15 +62,16 @@ public:
virtual const char* GetFullDocumentation() const
" get_filename_component(<VAR> FileName\n"
" [CACHE])\n"
"Set <VAR> to be the path (PATH), file name (NAME), file "
"extension (EXT), file name without extension (NAME_WE) of FileName, "
"the full path (ABSOLUTE), or the full path with all symlinks "
"resolved (REALPATH). "
"Note that the path is converted to Unix slashes format and has no "
"trailing slashes. The longest file extension is always considered. "
" get_filename_component(<VAR> <FileName> <COMP> [CACHE])\n"
"Set <VAR> to a component of <FileName>, where <COMP> is one of:\n"
" PATH = Directory without file name\n"
" NAME = File name without directory\n"
" EXT = File name longest extension (.b.c from d/a.b.c)\n"
" NAME_WE = File name without directory or longest extension\n"
" ABSOLUTE = Full path to file\n"
" REALPATH = Full path to existing file with symlinks resolved\n"
"Paths are returned with forward slashes and have no trailing slahes. "
"The longest file extension is always considered. "
"If the optional CACHE argument is specified, the result variable is "
"added to the cache.\n"
" get_filename_component(<VAR> FileName\n"
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