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Add change log and fix UMR in ctest from head.

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Changes in CMake 2.8.0 RC 1
- Qt based GUI cmake-gui is now the default GUI, MFC CMakeSetup is no
longer included in CMake. ccmake is still supported.
- cmake-gui supports multi-state values options.
- CMake now has cmake --build command that can build any CMake generated
project from the command line.
- Visual Studio 2010 beta support has been added.
- KDevelop generator now has color output for builds.
- CTest supports running tests in parallel with a -j N option.
- A new CTest CTEST_USE_LAUNCHERS option can be used to get better
dashboard error reports with make based tools.
- CTest has support for sub-projects and labels which can interact
with CDash.
- CTest now supports Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar.
- It is now possible to use DESTDIR in CPack for any CMake based projects
giving more flexibility on the final path names.
- The CPack Deb generator now computes the arch instead of hard coding it.
- Fortran/C mixed language projects made much easier. CMake now
automatically can compute the run time libraries for a compiler. In
addition, a new FortranCInterface module can determine the correct
name mangling needed to mix C and Fortran.
- Intel compiler support added to OSX, and support for embedded
manifests in the windows intel compiler was added.
- Depend scanning is now much faster with makefiles.
- Many FindQt4 improvements to stay working with current Qt releases
- FindMPI has improvements for windows.
- FindBoost has been updated to work with the most recent boost releases.
- New External Project Module. The 'ExternalProject_Add' function
creates a custom target to drive download, update/patch, configure,
build, install and test steps of an external project.
- xmlrpc dependancy has been removed
- CMAKE_OSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET cache variable has been created to set the
deployment OS for a build on OSX.
- Several new policies were added:
The if() command can recognize named boolean constants.
Duplicate binary directories are not allowed.
Input directories must have CMakeLists.txt.
The set() CACHE mode and option() command make the cache value
- Lots of bug fixes.
......@@ -336,6 +336,7 @@ void cmCTestMultiProcessHandler::MarkFinished()
//For ShowOnly mode
void cmCTestMultiProcessHandler::PrintTestList()
int count = 0;
for (PropertiesMap::iterator it = this->Properties.begin();
it != this->Properties.end(); it ++ )
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