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ENH: Improve stack discussion in cmake_policy

This re-organizes the discussion of the policy stack in documentation of
the cmake_policy() command.  The new organization clearer and easier to
extend with new information.
parent 26bf8b2c
......@@ -113,16 +113,17 @@ public:
"The output variable value will be \"OLD\" or \"NEW\" if the "
"policy is set, and empty otherwise."
"CMake keeps policy settings on a stack, so changes made by the "
"cmake_policy command affect only the top of the stack. "
"A new entry on the policy stack is managed automatically for each "
"subdirectory to protect its parents and siblings. "
"The cmake_policy command provides an interface to manage custom "
"entries on the policy stack:\n"
" cmake_policy(PUSH)\n"
" cmake_policy(POP)\n"
"Push and pop the current policy setting state on a stack. "
"Each PUSH must have a matching POP. "
"This is useful when mixing multiple projects, subprojects, and "
"files included from external projects that may each have been "
"written for a different version of CMake. "
"Each subdirectory entered by the project automatically pushes "
"a new level on the stack to isolate the subdirectories from "
"their parents.";
"Each PUSH must have a matching POP to erase any changes. "
"This is useful to make temporary changes to policy settings."
cmTypeMacro(cmCMakePolicyCommand, cmCommand);
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