Commit 10d65d50 authored by Stephen Kelly's avatar Stephen Kelly
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cmTarget: Move a variable initialization closer to where it is used.

This is more readable and easier to reason about.
parent 0f3e8e95
......@@ -5592,9 +5592,6 @@ void cmTarget::ComputeLinkImplementation(const char* config,
LinkImplementation& impl,
cmTarget const* head) const
// Compute which library configuration to link.
cmTarget::LinkLibraryType linkType = this->ComputeLinkType(config);
// Collect libraries directly linked in this configuration.
std::vector<std::string> llibs;
this->GetDirectLinkLibraries(config, llibs, head);
......@@ -5687,6 +5684,7 @@ void cmTarget::ComputeLinkImplementation(const char* config,
cmTarget::LinkLibraryType linkType = this->ComputeLinkType(config);
LinkLibraryVectorType const& oldllibs = this->GetOriginalLinkLibraries();
for(cmTarget::LinkLibraryVectorType::const_iterator li = oldllibs.begin();
li != oldllibs.end(); ++li)
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