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    FindOpenGL: Drop explicit dependency on X11 (#15268) · d051cbda
    Brad King authored
    In commit 079e8469
     (... OpenGL always needs X11 on Unix, 2002-09-05)
    the FindOpenGL module was taught to search for X11 as a dependency of
    the OpenGL library.  This was done without a detailed explanation, and
    the dependency should not be explicitly needed because OpenGL headers
    should not expose applications to X11 APIs directly.
    Unfortunately the only way to know if anything legitimately depends on
    this behavior (perhaps in static library cases) is to simply remove it
    and wait for issues to be reported.  If so, then we can add some kind of
    compatibility setting for this later.  Add a release note to draw
    attention to this change.
    Reported-by: Dainius Masiliūnas's avatarDainius "GreatEmerald" Masiliūnas <pastas4@gmail.com>