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    cmTarget: Avoid computing languages when computing transitive targets. · b8b99cc1
    Stephen Kelly authored
    For the OLD CMP0022 behavior, we need to treat the implementation
    as the interface when computing the interface libraries.  Make it
    possible to do that without computing the link languages by adding
    a new GetLinkImplementationLibraries method.  Extend the existing
    GetLinkImplementation method to populate the languages if the
    libraries have already been computed and cached.
    Change GetTransitivePropertyTargets to invoke GetLinkInterfaceLibraries
    instead of GetLinkInterface.  This is key, as it is a method called
    by cmGeneratorExpressionEvaluator.
    Change the cmGeneratorExpressionEvaluator to invoke
    GetLinkImplementationLibraries instead of GetLinkImplementation.
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