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    Add the ALIAS target concept for libraries and executables. · 370bf554
    Stephen Kelly authored
    * The ALIAS name must match a validity regex.
    * Executables and libraries may be aliased.
    * An ALIAS acts immutable. It can not be used as the lhs
      of target_link_libraries or other commands.
    * An ALIAS can be used with add_custom_command, add_custom_target,
      and add_test in the same way regular targets can.
    * The target of an ALIAS can be retrieved with the ALIASED_TARGET
      target property.
    * An ALIAS does not appear in the generated buildsystem. It
      is kept separate from cmMakefile::Targets for that reason.
    * A target may have multiple aliases.
    * An ALIAS target may not itself have an alias.
    * An IMPORTED target may not have an alias.
    * An ALIAS may not be exported or imported.