Commit f76f7516 authored by Lasse Collin's avatar Lasse Collin
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xzless: Rename unused variables to silence static analysers.

In this particular case I don't see this affecting readability
of the code.

Thanks to Pavel Raiskup.
parent 3cbcaeb0
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ if test "${LESSMETACHARS+set}" != set; then
if test "$(less -V | { read less ver re && echo ${ver}; })" -ge 429; then
if test "$(less -V | { read _ ver _ && echo ${ver}; })" -ge 429; then
# less 429 or later: LESSOPEN pipe will be used on
# standard input if $LESSOPEN begins with |-.
LESSOPEN="|-$xz -cdfq -- %s"
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