Commit 474251bf authored by Bob Obara's avatar Bob Obara
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ENH: Updating ParaView Master to August 10, 2017

- The reason was to address changes made to:

1. vtkArrayCalculator API changes
2. pqOutput API changes
parent 15a2d8a3
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......@@ -3,8 +3,10 @@ superbuild_set_revision(boost
URL_MD5 93eecce2abed9d2442c9676914709349)
# XXX: When updating this, update the version number in CMakeLists.txt as well.
# The current version of ParaView is post 5.4.0 RC3
set(paraview_revision "0545c6a8186e368dc57517a14fc90ed103c0c981")
# The current version of ParaView is master branch as of August 10 2017
set(paraview_revision "c23fbe01917e239dd624f191f0153f906ba418cb")
#set(paraview_revision origin/master)
if (USE_PARAVIEW_master)
set(paraview_revision origin/master)
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