Commit e7f709eb authored by Bernhard M. Wiedemann's avatar Bernhard M. Wiedemann
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Sort file lists

to enable more reproducible builds
without patching individual build definitions
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sorted glob
* calls like `file(GLOB SOMEVARIABLE "*.c")`
will now return sorted results on POSIX-compliant platforms
to avoid builds that order functions in output files depending on
random filesystem order
......@@ -201,17 +201,21 @@ bool Directory::Load(const std::string& name)
DIR* dir = opendir(name.c_str());
kwsys_dirent** namelist;
int n;
n = scandir(name.c_str(), &namelist, NULL, alphasort);
if (!dir) {
if (n == -1) {
return 0;
for (kwsys_dirent* d = readdir(dir); d; d = readdir(dir)) {
while ( n-- ) {
kwsys_dirent* d = namelist[n];
this->Internal->Path = name;
return 1;
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