1. 07 Sep, 2018 2 commits
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      Fix dependency propagation through same-name imported targets · bea390e9
      Brad King authored
      If two imported targets in different directories have the same name we
      should still be able to propagate transitive link dependencies from
      both.  Fix the target and link dependency analyzers to de-duplicate
      targets using target pointers rather than target names since the
      pointers will not be duplicated even if the names are.
      Issue: #18345
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      cmLinkItem: Convert to a "sum type" over a string and target pointer · fc7e4d1e
      Brad King authored
      Avoid exposing the item name implicitly as std::string.  When the item
      is a target, avoid storing a second copy of its name.
      Most link item construction is paired with calls to `FindTargetToLink`
      to get the possible target pointer.  Rename these methods to
      `ResolveLinkItem` and refactor them to construct the entire item.
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