Commit 4e1ea02b authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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CheckIPOSupported: Tolerate backslashes in output of failed checks

Avoid passing the output of our `try_compile` through a macro argument.
Macro invocations re-parse their arguments and so should not be given
arbitrary content that may contain backslashes and such.

Instead pass a simple message.  This is also more readable in the case
that the macro generates a message itself.  After the macro returns,
report the real output directly to the variable named by our caller.
Also record the output in a log file as other checks do on failure.

Fixes: #18244
parent b7dbb25a
......@@ -126,7 +126,13 @@ macro(_ipo_run_language_check language)
if(NOT result)
"${language} compiler IPO check failed with the following output:\n"
_ipo_not_supported("check failed to compile")
set("${X_OUTPUT}" "${output}" PARENT_SCOPE)
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