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    cmTarget: Lookup targets in LinkInterface and LinkImplementation · d912220e
    Brad King authored
    Instead of storing just the string names in these structures, lookup any
    target associated with each item and store its cmTarget pointer.  Use
    the cmLinkItem class to hold the name and pointer together.  Update
    client sites to use the pre-stored lookup result instead of looking up
    the target name again.
    Create a cmTarget::LookupLinkItems helper method to handle the lookup.
    Since lookups are now moving from cmComputeLinkDepends::AddLinkEntries
    to cmTarget::LookupLinkItems, move use of CheckCMP0004 to the latter.
    This drops use of CheckCMP0004 from entries added for _LIB_DEPENDS
    variables by cmComputeLinkDepends::AddVarLinkEntries, but I do not
    think that use was intentional originally anyway.
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