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    Add LINK_LIBRARIES property for direct target link dependencies · 76538627
    Stephen Kelly authored and Brad King's avatar Brad King committed
    Previously we kept direct link dependencies in OriginalLinkLibraries.
    The property exposes the information in the CMake language through the
    get/set_property commands.  We preserve the OriginalLinkLibraries value
    internally to support old APIs like that for CMP0003's OLD behavior, but
    the property is now authoritative.  This follows up from commit d5cf644a
    (Split link information processing into two steps, 2012-11-01).
    This will be used later to populate the link interface properties when
    exporting targets, and will later allow use of generator expressions
    when linking to libraries with target_link_libraries.
    Also make targets depend on the (config-specific) union of dependencies.
    CMake now allows linking to dependencies or not depending on the config.
    However, generated build systems are not all capable of processing
    config-specific dependencies, so the targets depend on the union of
    dependencies for all configs.
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