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    cmTarget: Remove 'head' argument from GetLinkImplementation · 0dc9e88d
    Brad King authored
    Many of the 'head' arguments added by commit v2.8.11~289^2~1 (Make
    linking APIs aware of 'head' target, 2013-01-04) turned out not to be
    needed.  The "link implementation" of a target never needs to be
    computed with anything but itself as the 'head' target (except for
    CMP0022 OLD behavior because then it is the link interface).
    Remove the unused 'head' target paths.  Add "internal" versions of
    cmTarget::GetDirectLinkLibraries and GetLinkImplementationLibraries
    to support the CMP0022 OLD behavior without otherwise exposing the
    'head' target option of these methods.
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