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      Merge branch 'add_polyhedron_support' into 'master' · 0a9fbd05
      David E DeMarle authored
      Add support for Polyhedron cells
      Elements of type Polyhedron (i.e. N face cells, where each face is a M edge polygon) are in the following format: 
      [nCellFaces, nFace0Pts, id0_0, id0_1, ..., nFace1Pts, id1_0, id1_1, ..., ...]
      This has first been proposed in a MR to VTK (vtk/vtk!1255), which contains the necessary changes to VTK. The VTK MR also has example/test files attached that demonstrated the functionality.
      Ping: @demarle 
      See merge request !5
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      Merge branch 'add-readme' into 'master' · 6e1c1724
      David E DeMarle authored
      Added a top-level README.md file in Markdown format.
      Added a `README.md` file in Markdown format. This file contains brief instructions to build XDMF from source code. The contents of this file are displayed on the project page at Gitlab. Additional documentation for new users may be added to this file in the future. 
      See merge request !4
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      backport changes from VTK 7.0.0 · 3d604ca8
      David DeMarle authored
      Some style. Some fixes, especially for windows with the exports and template changes.
      More so adapt this to work well as a subdirectory in a larger project. Don't force settings
      that the parent project owns, allow parent project to turn on tests without xdmf's tests and
      make the name of the library an option so that parent can have two xdmfs.
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      BUG: Fix bug causing missed shared vertices in topology converter. · 06d2b52b
      Kenneth Leiter authored
      Checking for shared faces is not enough when inserting vertices to
      generate higher order elements. Matching faces depends on the
      order of traversal of the elements. Now we check for shared edges in addition
      to faces - this solves the traversal ordering problem as we will pick up cases
      where two elements share an edge before the faces can be matched. Before, this
      caused duplicate points to be inserted on the shared edge.
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