Commit b75479eb authored by Dave Demarle's avatar Dave Demarle
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COMP: more warnings, not sure what the intended behavior of the Copy differentiation.

parent c450ff06
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ public:
XdmfInt32 Put(XdmfInt64 Address, XdmfInt64 Length, void *Data);
XdmfInt32 Get(XdmfInt64 Address, XdmfInt64 Length, void *Data);
XdmfInt32 Copy(XdmfDsmBuffer *Source);
virtual XdmfInt32 Copy(XdmfDsmBuffer *Source);
XdmfInt32 ServiceInit();
XdmfInt32 ServiceOnce(XdmfInt32 *ReturnOpcode=0);
XdmfInt32 ServiceUntilIdle(XdmfInt32 *ReturnOpcode=0);
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ class XDMF_EXPORT XdmfDsmComm : public XdmfObject {
virtual ~XdmfDsmComm();
XdmfConstString GetClassName() { return ( "XdmfDsmComm" ) ; };
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