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Utilities/Python: do not use --no-as-needed with broken Cray wrappers

The Cray wrappers seem to drop `--no-as-needed` in the compiler even if
guarded by an `-Xlinker` argument. This causes an off-by-one where the
`-Xlinker` for the `--unresolved-symbols=` is eaten exposing it to the
compiler and triggering an error.
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......@@ -151,6 +151,19 @@ if (VTK_PYTHON_OPTIONAL_LINK AND TARGET "${vtk_python_embed_target}")
set(needs_flags "$<NOT:$<BOOL:${vtk_undefined_symbols_allowed}>>")
set(direct_link "$<BOOL:$<TARGET_PROPERTY:INTERFACE_vtk_python_direct_link>>")
set(should_use "$<OR:${is_exe},${direct_link}>")
# XXX(cray): There is a bug where `--no-as-needed` is dropped by the Cray
# compiler wrappers. This causes a "hiccup" in the argument parsing which
# exposes `--unresolved-symbols=` to the compiler directly rather than the
# linker. Note that `$<MATCHES>` is not a thing, so we cannot use a genex for
# this and we're left with a hack. Whenever we drop support for Cray
# compilers with this problem, we can drop this condition and the variable
# use later in this file.
set(is_broken_cray_pe_wrapper 0)
set(is_broken_cray_pe_wrapper 1)
endif ()
# Apple flags.
......@@ -158,7 +171,7 @@ if (VTK_PYTHON_OPTIONAL_LINK AND TARGET "${vtk_python_embed_target}")
# The linker is allowed to skip libraries not used by the end result. This
# can exclude the `libpython` DT_NEEDED entry at the final executable if it
# itself does not actually use any libpython symbols.
# Due to the above making the symbols actually available, we can ignore
# unresolved symbols in the shared libraries that are being linked to.
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