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      Use aux_geo and add mesh selection for Bathymetry Operator · 7eb852b8
      Haocheng LIU authored
      Now bathymetry operator(BO) is using the model and bathyfile from auxiliary geometry
      and user can select which mesh they want to apply BO in `model&mesh` and
      `mesh only` operation.
      BO supports all the file format it used to support since auxliary geometry
      just stores the url of bathymetry data.
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      Moving Bathymetry Operator into common session(extension-vtk) · 6c197233
      Haocheng LIU authored
      1. Now Bathymetry Operator can be applied to all current four sessions in
      2. Rewrite the logic for BO, now it is separated into three parts: get common data,
      apply to model(Tessellation) and apply to mesh(collections).
      3. Four new options are provided for BO. User can choose apply to model
      and mesh at their will.
      4. Three new C++ test cases are added. One would test BO for
      model(.cmb), one would test BO for model and mesh(.2dm) and another
      would test smtk file polygon session.
      PS: The speed bottleneck for BO is that when we have a large bathyData(50M),
      it takes more than 7 min to build the adaptiveKDTree. Meanwhile we are
      building tree per mesh.