Commit 3718ad23 authored by T.J. Corona's avatar T.J. Corona

qtModelView: in changeEntityName(), acquire session ptr from mesh.

parent fb8e8dc7
......@@ -1649,6 +1649,18 @@ void qtModelView::changeEntityName(const QModelIndex& idx)
DescriptivePhrasePtr dp = this->getModel()->getItem(idx);
smtk::model::EntityRef ent = dp->relatedEntity();
// If there is no related entity, we may have either a meshset or mesh
// collection. We can pull an associated entity ref from either type, which
// will give us access to the underlying session.
if (!ent.isValid())
auto collection =
dp->relatedMeshCollection() ? dp->relatedMeshCollection() : dp->relatedMesh().collection();
if (collection)
ent = smtk::model::EntityRef(collection->modelManager(), collection->associatedModel());
smtk::model::SessionRef sref = ent.owningSession();
OperatorPtr brOp = this->getOp(sref.session(), "set property");
if (!brOp || !brOp->specification())
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