Commit 2cbdde2f authored by David Thompson's avatar David Thompson

Provide a way to force the operator panel to hide...

... after completing an operation, rather than staying visible and
displaying the previous operation.
parent f5753c43
......@@ -1803,11 +1803,11 @@ void qtModelView::onOperationPanelClosing()
bool qtModelView::showPreviousOpOrHide()
bool qtModelView::showPreviousOpOrHide(bool alwaysHide)
if (this->m_OperatorsWidget)
if (this->m_OperatorsWidget->showPreviousOp())
if (this->m_OperatorsWidget->showPreviousOp() && !alwaysHide)
return true;
......@@ -90,7 +90,7 @@ public slots:
bool requestOperation(
const std::string& opName, const smtk::common::UUID& sessionId, bool launchOp);
virtual void onOperationPanelClosing();
virtual bool showPreviousOpOrHide();
virtual bool showPreviousOpOrHide(bool alwaysHide = true);
void sendSelectionsFromModelViewToSelectionManager(const smtk::model::EntityRefs& selEntities,
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