1. 21 Jul, 2014 1 commit
  2. 18 Jul, 2014 11 commits
  3. 17 Jul, 2014 7 commits
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      BUG #14873: Fixed selections on vtkTable datasets in spreadsheet. · 8e345d4d
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Spreadsheet view didn't show rows selected in vtkTable properly due to
      missing logic in vtkMarkSelectedRows to mark selection rows. Fixed that.
      Also update documentation in pqSpreadSheetViewSelectionModel to better
      explain its role.
      Change-Id: I8a1b26f0a193a6bd4be8f0c3e62f6727a09c0e31
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Added method EnableAllAttributeArrays() · ada8c849
      Cory Quammen authored
      This method is for convenience and to balance out the existing method
      In addition, return 0 from GetNumberOfAttributeArrays() if attribute
      (POINT, CELL, etc.) is not available instead of signaling an error.
      Change-Id: I321e3028ef380c203b0ebc7d715e1b18987cca0d
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Update PythonSelection test. · 8f190c1d
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Update PythonSelection test since "ids" array is not added
      automatically. Using GenerateIds() filter explicitly, until we decide
      what's the right way forward.
      Change-Id: Ibb67460659ca2a4cfd62f75b091d9a42f83f2fff
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Handle the case with mismatched arrays across ranks. · 408409ea
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      It's highly possible (e.g in Exodus with can.ex2) for all ranks to not
      have the same set of arrays. This raises errors in evaluating expression
      on certain ranks. Adding NoneArray for those missing arrays addresses
      this issue.
      Also fixed a warning in vtkMultiProcessControllerHelper exposed by
      FindData test in parallel.
      Change-Id: I7b137dbd8c52598ae33aab96e0895a2025ceb7c1
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Remove debugging output that slipped by review. · 03a6c323
      Cory Quammen authored
      Change-Id: Id26c59f69e3a2d7984d7350bc6bdbdae94ed2f13
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    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Removed unnecessary import of numpy · 089c05b6
      Cory Quammen authored
      Numpy is not required for this test, and causes an exception on
      systems where numpy is not available.
      Change-Id: I7400724df98da547c85e0f93ae79e176d1066219
  4. 16 Jul, 2014 21 commits
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Fix shadowed variable warnings. · 88dfa0ba
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Change-Id: Id9a4d2594f4a827b991f93ddc6a51ca1a1893956
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Update PythonAnnotationFilter. · 78e7ff7e
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Updating PythonAnnotationFilter to work with newer numpy support. Since
      the calculator.py API was changed, updating extract_selection module as
      Change-Id: I3fe663455b506bd75e7452773af8fab23c0dc422
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Update VTK to bring fixes for string arrays. · f9d53e7d
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      Change-Id: Ie6d825b21b8d4aede038d49a5b8c26cae7336d24
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Cleaned up vtkPythonView code · 4b9e10ac
      Cory Quammen authored
      - Removed unused helper code
      - Got rid of GenerateImage() method that wasn't really needed.
      Change-Id: I03ee11215ec713b5a84c3e4d62b5d9d252b2467f
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Reset image data in the vtkPythonView before each render · 4b9d452b
      Cory Quammen authored
      If this is not done, the previous successfully generated image may
      still be displayed.
      In addition, the Python environment is now reset prior to evaluating
      the python script to clear out any definitions set in prior
      evaluations of different verions of the script. For example, one could
      define a render() method in the script, then set the script to the
      empty string. Without resetting the Python environment, the render()
      method would still be defined, which is unexpected stateful behavior.
      Change-Id: I8979d8c2f9ec1657c7a84292e18d77147d947647
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Evaluate script within a unique Python dictionary · b35b18da
      Cory Quammen authored
      If there were two or more Python View instances, the top-level
      functions and variables from the most-recently evaluated Python View
      script would clobber the functions and variables from the other Python
      Views. To fix this, now each Python View script is evaluated in the
      context of a unique Python dictionary copied from the global
      dictionary returned by the globals() built-in function. This prevents
      any clobbering of function definitions between different instances of
      the vtkPythonView class.
      To simplify calling these functions from the C++ side, the utility
      functions call_render() and call_setup_data() in python_view.py
      now take a reference to the function that should be evaluated.
      Change-Id: I7fe294ea40508c4fc0c1bd18706c156da7f08a2b
      Change-Id: I8d5304905cd1c69fb6cc390718ff41da2a718660
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Moved most of the code calling Python functions to Python side · 3ada95a9
      Cory Quammen authored
      The scripts that invoked the user-defined functions were getting long
      and awkward to call from the C++ side, so they have moved to the
      Python side.
      In addition, added backwards compatibility support for calling
      old-style render() functions so that no modifications to existing
      scripts are required. This works by checking the number of arguments
      required by the defined render() function. If the number of arguments
      is two, an old-style render() function is assumed. If the number of
      arguments is three, the new-style render() function is assumed.
      Change-Id: I09d8a10d0fdc0573de6d6cfc7bcc8523c5fb43f1
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Removed unnecessary explicit loading of test baseline · a6bba0ce
      Cory Quammen authored
      Change-Id: Ie1f20192654d97ee5e51958c59f14220d70a8862
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Removed some commented out code · 20df572a
      Cory Quammen authored
      Change-Id: I5560b1f7e9502103c2331d84a383e3374a014341
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Added two Python View tests · 64d65098
      Cory Quammen authored
      One tests creation of a view image from a numpy array and the other
      tests creation of an image using only VTK. Added baselines as well.
      Change-Id: I03ce0abaa029ebbc8284712e3dde11f13a51865f
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Removed dependency of pqPythonView on matplotlib · 2a8174ca
      Cory Quammen authored
      It remains dependent on PARAVIEW_ENABLE_PYTHON being on.
      Change-Id: Ia519c9bbf5a2ba559b8c62e6d79c065ccdde23e4
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Added comparison against baseline for Python View test · 8229c50e
      Cory Quammen authored
      Change-Id: Icd69b17bd9cdfd992bc19356301cf6717fa4d61e
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Added utility function matplotlib_figure(width, height) · 15268405
      Cory Quammen authored
      This saves on some boilerplate for setting up matplotlib figures in
      Python views.
      Removed some unneeded semicolons.
      Change-Id: I1036d88eb979dff73aeb0c4c6ea855091e14ab7a
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Fixed the test to generate a valid image · 7613571c
      Cory Quammen authored
      Change-Id: I4d97ea635c54cef1c9a80699ffc704d2d2ef6139
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Added utility function numpy_to_image · 9a82c9fe
      Cory Quammen authored
      This function converts 2D or 3D numpy arrays to vtkImageData
      Change-Id: I9e23f161201c794f3ef122f3f8bf3c3a7b4b39da
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Updated Python View baseline · 96c67cf9
      Cory Quammen authored
      Change-Id: I32a35a8b2ca5e560d8050bb84f0842d83b58a6e9
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Made test name more specific · a0adf856
      Cory Quammen authored
      Change-Id: I3e6d23c14ce4082fe163cae90896563f0cd8090a
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Updated Python View tests for refactored Python View · 55b039ae
      Cory Quammen authored
      Change-Id: I0c80d67a0749be0c134c5fff686f09b10dd6d0bd
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Removed Python View's dependency on matplotlib · 007f10e1
      Cory Quammen authored
      Matplotlib is no longer necessary to use Python View.
      Change-Id: Iff5713f5727ba295ae055bbc9cee8ea726a7c48b
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Made python view dependent only on Python · b1b26f8f
      Cory Quammen authored
      Removed dependency on matplotlib.
      Change-Id: I2896bec920f3ce0a7f6209c813b7752bce94a4aa
    • Cory Quammen's avatar
      Refactored Python View to remove dependence on matplotlib · 549c58e9
      Cory Quammen authored
      In principal, image data to be displayed in a view render window could
      be generated many different ways in Python - using matplotlib, OpenCV,
      or even direct manipulation of a numpy array. In light of that, this
      change decouples the Python View from matplotlib. Matplotlib may still
      be used to generate images in the Python view with slight modification
      to existing Python scripts used in the Python view.
      From a user's perspective, the only changes to know about are how to
      define the "render" function in the Python script. Previously, the
      "render" function had the signature
        def render(view, figure)
      where "view" is the Python View instance calling this function and
      "figure" was a matplotlib figure that was set up by the view
      automatically. The function was not expected to return a value.
      Now the "render" function has the signature
        def render(view, width, height)
      where "view" is still the Python View and the "width" and "height"
      parameters are the width and height of the current view render
      window. IMPORTANT - the function is now expected to return a
      vtkImageData object containing the image content to display in the
      view render window.
      To generate an image from matplotlib, Figure and FigureCanvas
      object need to be created the following way:
        from matplotlib.backends.backend_agg import FigureCanvasAgg as FigureCanvas
        from matplotlib.figure import Figure
        figure = Figure()
        figureCanvas = FigureCanvas(figure)
        figure.set_size_inches(float(width)/72.0, float(height)/72.0)
      This "figure" object can be used in the same way as the "figure"
      argument in the previous signature of the "render" method.
      A convenience function has been added to to the python_view module to
      create a vtkImageData object from a matplotlib Figure object. It is
      used as follows:
        from paraview import python_view
        vtk_image = python_view.figure_to_image(figure)
      This refactoring has simplified the implementation of the Python View
      dramatically. The matplotlib utilities are no longer needed with the
      changes in the Python View. Furthermore, Python View is now available
      whenever Python is enabled.
      Change-Id: Ic41301f5f7492fa8f171570b03eff317c7faf108