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    • Andrew Bauer's avatar
      Making in situ particle paths more general and fix build issue. · 6633da2a
      Andrew Bauer authored
      The in situ particle path filter can have an arbitrary start
      time now that is aware of the initial time step other than zero.
      This can be used for restarted simulations or just ignoring
      the first set of steps of a simulation. The example was updated
      Buildwise, the Fortran Catalyst examples were disabled by default
      since there is a build issue on some machines.
  10. 30 Dec, 2015 1 commit
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      Adding a Catalyst example for particle paths. · ea0be3f1
      Andrew Bauer authored
      The particle path example tests the in vtkInSituPParticlePathFilter
      filter for several things including:
      * That the particles are properly computed in situ
      * That the restart functionality works
      * That the disable reset works with setting the end time
      * That the cache of a particle's previous location can be cleared
  11. 16 Oct, 2015 1 commit
    • Andrew Bauer's avatar
      Getting the Catalyst examples testing properly. · 9426a443
      Andrew Bauer authored
      This includes making the Catalyst examples build when BUILD_EXAMPLES
      is enabled as well as doing testing when BUILD_TESTING is also
      enabled. This will help test both Catalyst as well as the examples
      to make sure that the examples aren't out of date. The labels for
      the tests are PARAVIEW and CATALYST.