Commit f4906e0e authored by Cory Quammen's avatar Cory Quammen
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macos: fix icon path in Info.plist file

The path in Info.plist in the binaries was the full path on the build
machine.  Change it to what it was in ParaView 5.6.1, which was the
relative path of the icon file in the bundle.
parent b67658cf
......@@ -361,9 +361,10 @@ IDI_ICON1 ICON \"${_paraview_client_APPLICATION_ICON}\"\n")
if (APPLE)
if (DEFINED _paraview_client_BUNDLE_ICON)
get_filename_component(_paraview_client_bundle_icon_file "${_paraview_client_BUNDLE_ICON}" NAME)
set_property(TARGET "${_paraview_client_NAME}"
MACOSX_BUNDLE_ICON_FILE "${_paraview_client_bundle_icon_file}")
FILES "${_paraview_client_BUNDLE_ICON}"
DESTINATION "${_paraview_client_BUNDLE_DESTINATION}/${_paraview_client_APPLICATION_NAME}.app/Contents/Resources")
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