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Force Axes Grid to be opaque when rendering in symmetric mode

The Axes Grid labels are translucent, hence by default the label
fragments do not get written to the depth buffer and therefore IceT
skips them when compositing in symmetric mode. This change forces the
entire Axes Grid actor to be opaque so that the labels are composited.

Also, added test for batch mode Axes Grid rendering.

Fixes #17472.
parent 95f0caad
#### import the simple module from the paraview
from paraview.simple import *
#### disable automatic camera reset on 'Show'
# create a new 'Sphere'
sphere1 = Sphere()
# get active view
renderView1 = GetActiveViewOrCreate('RenderView')
# uncomment following to set a specific view size
# renderView1.ViewSize = [2150, 1268]
# show data in view
sphere1Display = Show(sphere1, renderView1)
# trace defaults for the display properties.
sphere1Display.Representation = 'Surface'
sphere1Display.ColorArrayName = [None, '']
sphere1Display.OSPRayScaleArray = 'Normals'
sphere1Display.OSPRayScaleFunction = 'PiecewiseFunction'
sphere1Display.SelectOrientationVectors = 'None'
sphere1Display.ScaleFactor = 0.1
sphere1Display.SelectScaleArray = 'None'
sphere1Display.GlyphType = 'Arrow'
sphere1Display.GlyphTableIndexArray = 'None'
sphere1Display.DataAxesGrid = 'GridAxesRepresentation'
sphere1Display.PolarAxes = 'PolarAxesRepresentation'
sphere1Display.GaussianRadius = 0.05
sphere1Display.SetScaleArray = [None, '']
sphere1Display.ScaleTransferFunction = 'PiecewiseFunction'
sphere1Display.OpacityArray = [None, '']
sphere1Display.OpacityTransferFunction = 'PiecewiseFunction'
# reset view to fit data
# update the view to ensure updated data information
# set scalar coloring
ColorBy(sphere1Display, ('POINTS', 'Normals', 'Magnitude'))
# hide color bar/color legend
sphere1Display.SetScalarBarVisibility(renderView1, False)
# rescale color and/or opacity maps used to include current data range
sphere1Display.RescaleTransferFunctionToDataRange(True, False)
# show color bar/color legend
sphere1Display.SetScalarBarVisibility(renderView1, False)
# get color transfer function/color map for 'Normals'
normalsLUT = GetColorTransferFunction('Normals')
# Properties modified on renderView1.AxesGrid
renderView1.AxesGrid.Visibility = 1
#### saving camera placements for all active views
# current camera placement for renderView1
renderView1.CameraPosition = [1.735036754835695, 1.7227028122521102, 2.201932229033424]
renderView1.CameraViewUp = [-0.2360446232404711, 0.8468625927050057, -0.4765571161111957]
renderView1.CameraParallelScale = 0.8516115354228021
from paraview import smtesting
import os
# alternatively, if you want to write images, you can use SaveScreenshot(...).
imageFile = os.path.splitext(os.path.basename(smtesting.StateXMLFileName))[0]
SaveScreenshot('%s/../../%s.png' % (smtesting.TempDir, imageFile))
if not smtesting.DoRegressionTesting(renderView1.SMProxy):
raise smtesting.TestError('Test failed')
......@@ -70,6 +70,7 @@ paraview_add_test_python(
# These tests could run safely in serial and parallel (and with both GL backends).
......@@ -1545,6 +1545,13 @@ void vtkPVRenderView::Render(bool interactive, bool skip_rendering)
// Disable the renderer's FXAA implementation when rendering remotely. We
// need to run it on the composed image to avoid seam artifacts.
// Force opaque rendering for the GridAxes. Needed so that the grid axes
// labels are visible when not using ordered compositing (see bug #17472)
if (this->GridAxes3DActor)
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