Commit 389e8ab2 authored by Ethan Stam's avatar Ethan Stam
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Fix typo

parent 11a3c775
......@@ -136,7 +136,7 @@ elseif("${TEST_NAME}" MATCHES "CinemaExportNoTime")
if("${TEST_NAME}" MATCHES "CinemaExportNoTime" OR "${TEST_NAME}" MATCHES "CinemaExportGeometryAnd")
if(NOT EXISTS "${COPROCESSING_TEST_DIR}/cinema/interactive/${TEST_NAME}.cdb/Renderview1/info.json")
if(NOT EXISTS "${COPROCESSING_TEST_DIR}/cinema/interactive/${TEST_NAME}.cdb/RenderView1/info.json")
message(FATAL_ERROR "Image database did not export interactively (RenderView*)")
# There is an extra cinema directory for the batch use-case
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