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    • Haocheng LIU's avatar
      Make RuntimeDeviceInformation class template independent · bb067178
      Haocheng LIU authored
      By making RuntimeDeviceInformation class template independent, vtkm is
      able to detect
      device info at runtime with a runtime specified deviceId. In the past
      it's impossible
      because the CRTP pattern does not allow function overloading(compiler
      would complain
      that DeviceAdapterRuntimeDetector does not have Exists() function
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    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Add ExecutionAndControlObjectBase · 2b054873
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      This is a subclass of ExecutionObject and a superset of its
      functionality. In addition to having a PrepareForExecution method, it
      also has a PrepareForControl method that gets an object appropriate for
      the control environment. This is helpful for situations where you need
      code to work in both environments, such as the functor in an
      Also added several runtime checks for execution objects and execution
      and cotnrol objects.
  11. 05 Sep, 2018 1 commit
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Allow ArrayHandleTransform to work with ExecObject · 98a0a20f
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      This change allows you to set a subclass of
      vtkm::cont::ExecutionObjectBase as a functor
      used in ArrayHandleTransform. This latter class will then detect that
      the functor is an ExecObject and will call PrepareForExecution with the
      appropriate device to get the actual Functor object.
      This change allows you to use virtual objects and other device dependent
      objects as functors for ArrayHandleTransform without knowing a priori
      what device the portal will be used on.
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    • luz.paz's avatar
      Misc. typos · 80b11afa
      luz.paz authored
      Found via `codespell -q 3` via downstream VTK
  15. 20 Sep, 2017 1 commit
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Update copyright for Sandia · c3a3184d
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Sandia National Laboratories recently changed management from the
      Sandia Corporation to the National Technology & Engineering Solutions
      of Sandia, LLC (NTESS). The copyright statements need to be updated
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    • David C. Lonie's avatar
      Simplify exception hierarchy. · f601e38b
      David C. Lonie authored
      Remove the ErrorControl class such that all subclasses now inherit from
      error. Renamed all exception classes via s/ErrorControl/Error/.
      See issue #57.
  22. 02 Feb, 2017 1 commit
  23. 31 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Make sure all ArrayPortals have a Set method. · 629271bc
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The current design for ArrayPortalVirtual makes it a requirement for all
      array portals (that it wraps) to have Set defined. Thus, make sure Set is
      defined for all ArrayPortal. Where Set is invalid, an assert is thrown if
      something calls it at runtime.
  24. 16 Jan, 2017 2 commits
  25. 16 Nov, 2016 1 commit
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Remove exports for header-only functions/methods · fdaccc22
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Change the VTKM_CONT_EXPORT to VTKM_CONT. (Likewise for EXEC and
      EXEC_CONT.) Remove the inline from these macros so that they can be
      applied to everything, including implementations in a library.
      Because inline is not declared in these modifies, you have to add the
      keyword to functions and methods where the implementation is not inlined
      in the class.
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  28. 10 Nov, 2015 1 commit
    • T.J. Corona's avatar
      Add support for bidirectional array transforms. · af32a21b
      T.J. Corona authored
      Array transforms can now be created with an inverse functor, allowing for
      casts back into the native array type. As a result, array transforms with
      both a functor and inverse functor defined can perform read and write
      operations. As an example, ArrayHandleCast now supports this operation. The
      original implementation of ArrayHandleCast (i.e. read only) has been renamed
  29. 21 Oct, 2015 2 commits
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Add default constructors/destructors/assignment to ArrayHandle classes · 65c22618
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The ArrayHandle classes all exclusively work in the control environment.
      However, CUDA likes to add __device__ to constructors, destructors, and
      assignment operators it automatically adds. This in turn causes warnings
      about the __device__ function using host-only classes (like
      boost::shared_ptr). Solve this problem by adding explicit methods for
      all of these.
      Implemented this by wrapping up all these default objects in a macro.
      This also solved the problem of other constructors that are necessary
      for array handles such as a constructor that takes the base array
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Explicitly add destructors and copy constructors to ArrayHandle classes · 7ff62d8d
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Under CUDA, the default constructors and destructors created are exported
      as __host__ and __device__, which causes problems because they used a boost
      pointer that only works on the host. The explicit copy constructors and
      destructors do the same thing as the default ones except declared to only
      work on the host.
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  36. 23 Apr, 2015 2 commits
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Add ArrayHandlePermutation · fe444e12
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      Also found a problem with ArrayHandle that manifests itself with derived
      types when you first do a PrepareForInput and then a PrepareForInPlace.
      The ArrayHandle assumes the data is already moved to the device and
      skips the in place call to the array transfer. However, this means the
      transfer of the derived array handle does not have a chance to set up
      for in place.
      I think the appropriate solution may be to move the appropriate logic
      from ArrayHandle to ArrayTransfer. I will look into that next.
    • Kenneth Moreland's avatar
      Fix GetNumberOfValues in transformed array handle portal · 04a3be81
      Kenneth Moreland authored
      The number of values in the array handle portal was screwy and the
      GetNumberOfValues method was flat out wrong (thanks to Rob Maynard for
      pointing that out). This is fixed.
      Also fixed a subtle but nasty typing problem in the Storage's
      GetPortalConst method.
  37. 13 Apr, 2015 1 commit