Commit 671c1df5 authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard
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Timer logs the proper device name when called with an invalid device

parent d3d66a33
......@@ -328,11 +328,11 @@ vtkm::Float64 Timer::GetElapsedTime(vtkm::cont::DeviceAdapterId device) const
// If we have specified a specific device, make sure we can run on it.
auto& tracker = vtkm::cont::GetRuntimeDeviceTracker();
if ((deviceToTime != vtkm::cont::DeviceAdapterTagAny()) && !tracker.CanRunOn(deviceToTime))
if (deviceToTime != vtkm::cont::DeviceAdapterTagAny() && !tracker.CanRunOn(deviceToTime))
"Device '" << device.GetName() << "' can not run on current Device."
"Thus timer is not usable");
"Device '" << deviceToTime.GetName() << "' can not run on current Device."
" Thus timer is not usable");
return 0.0;
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