Commit 3dd4d292 authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard
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Remove unneeded code from ArrayHandleVirtual

The CastAndCall for ArrayHandleVirtual was always a bad idea.
The ArrayHandleVirtual is not considered a dynamic type by the
dispatch engine so it would never have tried to use this specialization.
parent 04254dbd
......@@ -227,45 +227,6 @@ VTKM_CONT inline ArrayHandleType Cast(const vtkm::cont::ArrayHandleVirtual<T>& v
return virtHandle.template Cast<ArrayHandleType>();
#if 0
// The following specialization of CastAndCall has been disabled. The problem with it is that it
// causes some common versions of GCC to give the warning "type attributes ignored after type is
// already defined." GCC seems to have a problem with declaring an instance of a template twice
// even when the type attributes match. (In some cases it is OK, in others it is not.) The easiest
// solution is to just disable this CastAndCall that instantiates a specific version of
// ArrayHandleVirtual. This specialization might be better handled elsewhere where the uniform
// point coordinates are coupled with a structured cell set (and thus can derive several fast
// paths) rather than generally for any field or array containing vec3s.
// Specializations of CastAndCall to help make sure ArrayHandleVirtual
// holding a ArrayHandleUniformPointCoordinates works properly
template <typename Functor, typename... Args>
void CastAndCall(vtkm::cont::ArrayHandleVirtual<vtkm::Vec<vtkm::FloatDefault, 3>> coords,
Functor&& f,
Args&&... args)
using HandleType = ArrayHandleUniformPointCoordinates;
using T = typename HandleType::ValueType;
using S = typename HandleType::StorageTag;
if (coords.IsType<HandleType>())
const vtkm::cont::internal::detail::StorageVirtual* storage =
auto* virtualImpl = storage->Cast<vtkm::cont::internal::detail::StorageVirtualImpl<T, S>>();
f(virtualImpl->GetHandle(), std::forward<Args>(args)...);
f(coords, std::forward<Args>(args)...);
// Specializations of serialization related classes
template <typename T>
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