Commit 18f3b0dc authored by Robert Maynard's avatar Robert Maynard
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Document all the free functions for VariantArrayHandle

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......@@ -290,20 +290,24 @@ using VariantArrayHandle = vtkm::cont::VariantArrayHandleBase<VTKM_DEFAULT_TYPE_
// Free function casting helpers
/// Returns true if \c variant matches the type of ArrayHandleType.
template <typename ArrayHandleType, typename Ts>
VTKM_CONT inline bool IsType(const vtkm::cont::VariantArrayHandleBase<Ts>& variant)
return variant.template IsType<ArrayHandleType>();
/// Returns \c variant cast to the given \c ArrayHandle type. Throws \c
/// ErrorBadType if the cast does not work. Use \c IsType
/// to check if the cast can happen.
template <typename ArrayHandleType, typename Ts>
VTKM_CONT inline ArrayHandleType Cast(const vtkm::cont::VariantArrayHandleBase<Ts>& variant)
return variant.template Cast<ArrayHandleType>();
namespace detail
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