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Added a top-level file in Markdown format.

Added a `` file in Markdown format. This file contains brief instructions to build XDMF from source code. The contents of this file are displayed on the project page at Gitlab. Additional documentation for new users may be added to this file in the future. 


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Installing XDMF
Brief instructions for building XDMF from source code:
* Clone the git repository:
git clone git://
* Create a directory for building the code:
cd Xdmf
mkdir build
cd build
* Prepare the CMake-based build. There are two options:
1. Use the following command and select options using a menu.
ccmake ..
2. Set options on the command line. A typical command line for building
XDMF with Python bindings may look like the following:
export XDMF_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/Xdmf/
* Build and install XDMF:
make install
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