Commit 1819d6ae authored by David E DeMarle's avatar David E DeMarle
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Merge branch 'fix-tests' into 'master'

Address a regression introduced when backporting vtk's changes

See merge request !2
parents d1f261a9 c890c6ef
......@@ -52,6 +52,13 @@ XdmfSystemUtils::getRealPath(const std::string & path)
xmlParseURIReference(ref, path.c_str());
char realPath[PATH_MAX];
char *rp = realpath(ref->path, realPath);
if (rp == 0)
//indicates a failure that we are silently ignoring
//TODO: realPath is now undefined but in practice
//ends up path.c_str()
rp = realPath;
return std::string(rp);
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