1. 17 Jun, 2009 3 commits
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      ENH: Improve format of if() command messages · 3c856405
      Brad King authored
      Errors and warnings from the if() command always display the argument
      list given to the command followed by an explanation of the problem.
      This moves the argument list into a pre-formatted block and follows it
      with a paragraph-form explanation.  The result looks cleaner.
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      ENH: Create CMP0013 to disallow duplicate dirs · c790b1fa
      Brad King authored
      In CMake 2.6.3 and below we silently accepted duplicate build
      directories whose build files would then conflict.  At first this was
      considured purely a bug that confused beginners but would not be used in
      a real project.  In CMake 2.6.4 we explicitly made it an error.
      However, some real projects took advantage of this as a "feature" and
      got lucky that the subtle build errors it can cause did not occur.
      Therefore we need a policy to deal with the case more gracefully.
      See issue #9173.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · f61f8e53
      Brad King authored
  2. 16 Jun, 2009 5 commits
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      BUG: Create an exe's implib output dir for VS 6 · 962bbbec
      Brad King authored
      VS 6 forgets to create the output directory for an executable's import
      library in case the exe dllexport-s symbols.  We work around this VS bug
      by creating a pre-link event on the executable target to make the
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      ENH: Refactor VS 6 build event generation · 5129c23c
      Brad King authored
      In cmLocalVisualStudio6Generator we generate pre-build, pre-link, and
      post-build events into project files.  This refactors the generation
      code for the three event types into a private EventWriter class to avoid
      duplicate code.
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      ENH: Create exe implib dir in VS pre-link rule · 66189b0b
      Brad King authored
      This moves creation of an executable's import library directory in VS
      projects from the pre-build step to the pre-link step.  It makes sense
      to create the directory at the last moment.
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      ENH: Generalize exe implib dir creation for VS · 764ac980
      Brad King authored
      In VS 7,8,9 executable targets we generate a build event to create the
      output directory for the import library in case the executable marks
      symbols with dllexport (VS forgets to create this directory).  This
      generalizes computation of the custom command line to support future use
      with other VS versions.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · 0f490cf0
      Brad King authored
  3. 15 Jun, 2009 9 commits
  4. 14 Jun, 2009 1 commit
  5. 13 Jun, 2009 1 commit
  6. 12 Jun, 2009 11 commits
  7. 11 Jun, 2009 10 commits
    • Bill Hoffman's avatar
      ENH: use .exe on vms · 8446a480
      Bill Hoffman authored
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      COMP: We now require CMake 2.4.5 or higher to build · b8b749ac
      Brad King authored
      We use the CMakeDependentOption module unconditionally, so we must
      require a version of CMake new enough to provide it.
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      BUG: Do not create empty build-tree RPATH · 0d31c3aa
      Brad King authored
      The fix for issue #9130 appends ':' to the end of the build-tree RPATH
      unconditionally.  This changes the fix to add ':' only when the RPATH is
      not empty so that we do not create a build-tree RPATH with just ':'.  An
      empty RPATH produces no string at all, so there is no chance of merging
      with a symbol name anyway.
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      ENH: Remove Utilities/cmxmlrpc source tree · 3615950f
      Brad King authored
      We never build this source tree anymore, so remove it.
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      ENH: Disable the xmlrpc drop method by default · 8f5af617
      Brad King authored
      We've chosen to drop our default dependence on xmlrpc.  Thus we disable
      the corresponding CTest submission method and remove the sources for
      building xmlrpc locally.  Users can re-enable the method by setting the
      CTEST_USE_XMLRPC option to use a system-installed xmlrpc library.
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      ENH: Remove Utilities/cmcurl-7.19.0 source tree · 8c5c192b
      Brad King authored
      We never build this source tree anymore, so remove it.
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      ENH: Remove option to build cmcurl-7.19.0 · 8ddfd1ed
      Brad King authored
      This version of curl was added experimentally but does not address the
      problem we were hoping it fixed (an occasional upload hang).  Importing
      a new curl can wait until the problem is fully diagnosed and addressed.
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      ENH: Simplify decision to use system libraries · f68c6af5
      Brad King authored
      Previously we disallowed use of system libraries if FindXMLRPC.cmake was
      not available.  Now that CMake 2.4 is required to build, the module is
      always available.  This change simplifies the logic accordingly.
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      COMP: Fix build with system-installed expat 2.0.1 · f0ab8520
      Brad King authored
      In cmXMLParser::ReportXmlParseError we were accidentally passing a value
      of type 'XML_Parser*' to expat methods instead of 'XML_Parser'.  It was
      not caught because XML_Parser was just 'void*' in the cmexpat version.
      Newer system-installed expat versions catch the error because XML_Parser
      is now a pointer to a real type.  This correct the type.
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      STYLE: Nightly Date Stamp · 60bfa0ad
      Brad King authored