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ENH: modified the if command to address bug 9123 some

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......@@ -191,6 +191,71 @@ public:
"examples. Where there are nested parenthesis the innermost are "
"evaluated as part of evaluating the expression "
"that contains them."
"The if statement was written fairly early in CMake's history "
"and it has some convenience features that may be confusing for "
"new users. The if statement reduces operations until there is "
"a single remaining value, at that point if the case "
"insensitive value is: ON, 1, YES, TRUE, Y it returns true, if "
"will return false. \n"
"This is fairly reasonable. The convenience feature that makes "
"it more confusing is how CMake handles values that do not "
"match the true or false list. Those values are treated as "
"variables and are dereferenced even though they do not have "
"the required ${} syntax. This means that if you write\n"
" if (boobah)\n"
"CMake will treat it as if you wrote \n"
" if (${boobah})\n"
"likewise if you write \n"
" if (fubar AND sol)\n"
"CMake will conveniently treat it as \n"
" if (\"${fubar}\" AND \"${sol}\")\n"
"The later is really the correct way to write it, but the "
"former will work as well. Only some operations in the if "
"statement have this special handling of arguments. The "
"specific details follow: \n"
"1) The left hand argument to MATCHES is first checked to see "
"if it is a defined variable, if so the variable's value is "
"used, otherwise the original value is used. \n"
"2) If the left hand argument to MATCHES is missing it returns "
"false without error \n"
"3) Both left and right hand arguments to LESS GREATER EQUAL "
"are independently tested to see if they are defined variables, "
"if so their defined values are used otherwise the original "
"value is used. \n"
"4) Both left and right hand arguments to STRLESS STREQUAL "
"STRGREATER are independently tested to see if they are defined "
"variables, if so their defined values are used otherwise the "
"original value is used. \n"
"5) Both left and right hand argumemnts to VERSION_LESS "
"VERSION_EQUAL VERSION_GREATER are independently tested to see "
"if they are defined variables, if so their defined values are "
"used otherwise the original value is used. \n"
"6) The right hand argument to NOT is tested to see if it is a "
"boolean constant, if so the value is used, otherwise it is "
"assumed to be a variable and it is dereferenced. \n"
"7) The left and right hand arguments to AND OR are "
"independently tested to see if they are boolean constants, if "
"so they are used as such, otherwise they are assumed to be "
"variables and are dereferenced. \n"
......@@ -198,15 +263,13 @@ public:
// arguments were valid, and if so, was the response true. If there is
// an error, the errorString will be set.
static bool IsTrue(const std::vector<std::string> &args,
std::string &errorString, cmMakefile *mf);
std::string &errorString, cmMakefile *mf,
cmake::MessageType &status);
// Get a definition from the makefile. If it doesn't exist,
// return the original string.
static const char* GetVariableOrString(const char* str,
const cmMakefile* mf);
static const char* GetVariableOrNumber(const char* str,
const cmMakefile* mf);
cmTypeMacro(cmIfCommand, cmCommand);
......@@ -355,6 +355,19 @@ cmPolicies::cmPolicies()
"The NEW behavior for this policy is to allow the commands to do their "
"default cmake_policy PUSH and POP.",
2,6,3, cmPolicies::WARN);
CMP0012, "CMP0012",
"In CMake versions prior to 2.6.5 the only boolean constants were 0 and 1. "
"Other boolean constants such as true, false, yes, no, "
"on, off, y, n, notfound, ignore were recognized in some cases but not all. "
"In later versions of cmake these values are treated as boolean constants "
"more consistently and should not be used as variable names. "
"Please do not use them as variable names.",
"The OLD behavior for this policy is to allow variables to have names such as "
"true and to dereference them. "
"The NEW behavior for this policy is to treat strings like true as a boolean constant.",
2,6,5, cmPolicies::WARN);
......@@ -52,6 +52,7 @@ public:
CMP0009, // GLOB_RECURSE should not follow symlinks by default
CMP0010, // Bad variable reference syntax is an error
CMP0011, // Strong policy scope for include and find_package
CMP0012, // Strong handling of boolean constants
// Always the last entry. Useful mostly to avoid adding a comma
// the last policy when adding a new one.
......@@ -41,11 +41,35 @@ IsFunctionBlocked(const cmListFileFunction& lff, cmMakefile &mf,
std::vector<std::string> expandedArguments;
mf.ExpandArguments(this->Args, expandedArguments);
cmake::MessageType messageType;
bool isTrue =
&mf, messageType);
while (isTrue)
if (errorString.size())
std::string err = "had incorrect arguments: ";
unsigned int i;
for(i =0; i < this->Args.size(); ++i)
err += (this->Args[i].Quoted?"\"":"");
err += this->Args[i].Value;
err += (this->Args[i].Quoted?"\"":"");
err += " ";
err += "(";
err += errorString;
err += ").";
mf.IssueMessage(messageType, err);
if (messageType == cmake::FATAL_ERROR)
return true;
// Invoke all the functions that were collected in the block.
for(unsigned int c = 0; c < this->Functions.size(); ++c)
......@@ -68,7 +92,8 @@ IsFunctionBlocked(const cmListFileFunction& lff, cmMakefile &mf,
mf.ExpandArguments(this->Args, expandedArguments);
isTrue =
&mf, messageType);
return true;
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