Commit 7bad99b0 authored by Aleix's avatar Aleix Committed by Brad King
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cmake-server: Do not try watching subdirectories with empty names

`cmsys::SystemTools::SplitPath` will return empty segments on paths
where there's duplicaded consequent slashes (e.g.  `/home/dir/my//stuff`).
This makes the cmFileWatcher choke.  Teach cmFileMonitor to skip these
empty segments.

Closes: #16531
parent 68d13665
......@@ -331,6 +331,9 @@ void cmFileMonitor::MonitorPaths(const std::vector<std::string>& paths,
rootSegment)); // Can not be both filename and root part of the path!
const std::string& currentSegment = pathSegments[i];
if (currentSegment.empty()) {
cmIBaseWatcher* nextWatcher = currentWatcher->Find(currentSegment);
if (!nextWatcher) {
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