Commit 457b9532 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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Fix VS 10 flag table for precompiled headers

The VS 10 flag table generation script did not produce correct entries
for precompiled header flags.  Since precompiled header flag translation
requires multiple entries cooperating in a certain order, it is not
worth the time to make the generation script work automatically.  This
commit manually adds the proper entries.

See issue #9753.
parent 4f96af44
......@@ -102,9 +102,11 @@ static cmVS7FlagTable cmVS10CLFlagTable[] =
"Fast", "Fast", 0},
{"PrecompiledHeader", "Yc",
"Create", "Create", 0},
"Create", "Create",
cmVS7FlagTable::UserValueIgnored | cmVS7FlagTable::Continue},
{"PrecompiledHeader", "Yu",
"Use", "Use", 0},
"Use", "Use",
cmVS7FlagTable::UserValueIgnored | cmVS7FlagTable::Continue},
{"PrecompiledHeader", "",
"Not Using Precompiled Headers", "NotUsing", 0},
......@@ -238,7 +240,12 @@ static cmVS7FlagTable cmVS10CLFlagTable[] =
//String Properties
// Skip [TrackerLogDirectory] - no command line Switch.
// Skip [PrecompiledHeaderFile] - no command line Switch.
{"PrecompiledHeaderFile", "Yc",
"Precompiled Header Name",
"", cmVS7FlagTable::UserValueRequired},
{"PrecompiledHeaderFile", "Yu",
"Precompiled Header Name",
"", cmVS7FlagTable::UserValueRequired},
{"PrecompiledHeaderOutputFile", "Fp",
"Precompiled Header Output File",
"", cmVS7FlagTable::UserValue},
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