Commit 33e628ee authored by Tobias Hunger's avatar Tobias Hunger Committed by Brad King

server-mode: Do not crash when running into INTERFACE_LIBRARY

Closes: #16539
parent 12bea47f
......@@ -720,12 +720,16 @@ static Json::Value DumpTarget(cmGeneratorTarget* target,
Json::Value result = Json::objectValue;
result[kNAME_KEY] = target->GetName();
result[kTYPE_KEY] = typeName;
result[kFULL_NAME_KEY] = target->GetFullName(config);
result[kSOURCE_DIRECTORY_KEY] = lg->GetCurrentSourceDirectory();
result[kBUILD_DIRECTORY_KEY] = lg->GetCurrentBinaryDirectory();
if (type == cmState::INTERFACE_LIBRARY) {
return result;
result[kFULL_NAME_KEY] = target->GetFullName(config);
if (target->HaveWellDefinedOutputFiles()) {
Json::Value artifacts = Json::arrayValue;
artifacts.append(target->GetFullPath(config, false));
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