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    QtAutogen: Do not re-generate AUTORCC outputs on every build · e4232b82
    Brad King authored
    Refactoring in commit v3.6.0-rc1~134^2~10 (Autogen: Split out moc file
    generation code to dedicated method, 2016-04-18) removed the
    unconditional creation of the `<target>_automoc.cpp` file.  Now it is
    generated only when `AUTOMOC` is enabled.  However, if this file is not
    created then our internal `GenerateAll` setting is enabled on every
    build, causing `AUTORCC` to re-generate its file(s) every time.  Fix the
    `GenerateAll` setting to be used only for when autogen settings change.
    The old logic was left from when we had only automoc.
    Closes: #16413
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