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    VS: Fix regressed mapping for the cl `/Os` compiler flag · 78249be2
    Brad King authored
    In commit v3.6.0-rc1~279^2~10 (VS: in Clang/C2 toolset, setup correct
    compiler settings, 2016-02-18) a flag mapping was added for the clang
    `-Os` flag.  However, this collides with a mapping we already had for
    the MSVC flag of the same name.  This is a symptom of a larger problem
    in that the VS generators need a per-toolset flag map (issue #16153).
    For now, simply drop the new mapping and drop `-Os` from clang compiler
    flags in the MinSizeRel configuration.
    Reported-by: Felix Bruns's avatarFelix Bruns <felixbruns@gmail.com>
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