1. 20 Dec, 2018 1 commit
  2. 26 Jul, 2017 1 commit
    • Kitware Robot's avatar
      Replace many NULL and 0 occurances with nullptr · a855cab0
      Kitware Robot authored
      This topic is the result of running clang-tidy to
      modernize our usage of NULL and 0 to nullptr. It also
      includes some manual and semi manual changes where
      clang-tidy would not be expected to work (such as in
      comments, or classes not compiled on this build)
      There are definitely many comments and occurances that
      this topic misses that we will need to fix over time.
  3. 22 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Sean McBride's avatar
      const improvements to APIs and internal usage · 8b32854b
      Sean McBride authored
      - Made a few APIs' params const
      - Changed many usages of the evil GetBounds() to expect a const
        return value, even though it does not (yet?) return const
      - Slightly changed return values of vtkTextActor3D::GetBounds()
        to return its own ivar instead of its ImageActor's
  4. 14 Jan, 2017 1 commit
    • Ken Martin's avatar
      fix memory read error · 92ee5718
      Ken Martin authored
      The class was unsafely and unecc reading +-
      one pixel without checking bounds.
  5. 25 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Will Schroeder's avatar
      Added capability to compute gradient · 5bbd84e8
      Will Schroeder authored
      The filter can now optionally compute the gradient of the density function.
      It also computes the gradient magnitude and classification of regions
      in the function (areas where the function is everywhere zero or not).
  6. 02 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Will Schroeder's avatar
      New filter to compute point density over a volume · 19ebd31d
      Will Schroeder authored
      This filter computes a density function over a volume from an
      input point cloud. For each voxel sample point, within a local,
      spherical neighborhood the number of points is counted and
      optionally normalized by the sphere volume. A weighting scalar
      function may also be provided.