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    COMP: Anonymous non-C-compatible types named · 8867e1fb
    Hans Johnson authored
    From https://reviews.llvm.org/D74103:
      Due to a recent (but retroactive) C++ rule change, only sufficiently
      C-compatible classes are permitted to be given a typedef name for
      linkage purposes. Add an enabled-by-default warning for these cases, and
      rephrase our existing error for the case where we encounter the typedef
      name for linkage after we've already computed and used a wrong linkage
      in terms of the new rule.
    This commit fixes warnings like the following:
      warning: anonymous non-C-compatible type given name for linkage purposes by typedef declaration; add a tag name here [-Wnon-c-typedef-for-linkage]
        typedef struct
      note: type is not C-compatible due to this default member initializer
          int ScalarType = VTK_STRING;
      note: type is given name 'ColumnInfo' for linkage purposes by this typedef declaration
        } ColumnInfo;
    For consistency, Use 'using' to a named structure definintion for all structures.