1. 12 Jun, 2013 3 commits
  2. 11 Jun, 2013 6 commits
    • Dave DeMarle's avatar
      guard out more tests that require vtkdata · c8375331
      Dave DeMarle authored
      Change-Id: I3e519825e71c5f4400ad869bda624a7399989d11
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      Merge branch 'external-modules-rel' into release · 1ba7bccb
      Dave DeMarle authored
      Change-Id: I8f5dcabc7a9c6aaef26e897e337b23d0ee1fa9f2
    • Marcus D. Hanwell's avatar
      Ensure module files are generated in the build tree · b5bc9853
      Marcus D. Hanwell authored
      The ExternalMoleculeMacros should ensure that the module data files are
      generated in the build tree of the external module, rather than
      polluting the VTK tree they are building against. This relies on the
      vtkModuleAPI using CMAKE_MODULE_PATH for the original module files.
      Change-Id: If134458e014d29f2cd432e2f9248b5c13b50c96b
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      Merge branch 'update_external_module_example-rel' into release · d0a62c44
      Dave DeMarle authored
      Change-Id: If6d31f4d31afad729c2611c0959d8962f84980d5
    • Bill Lorensen's avatar
      BUG: Examples should build if BUILD_TESTING is OFF · 61511f37
      Bill Lorensen authored
      With BUILD_EXAMPLES:ON and BUILD_TESTING:OFF, the Examples should
      To configure VTK with BUILD_EXAMPLES:ON and BUILD_TESTING:OFF, from an
      empty build tree,
      cmake  -DBUILD_TESTING:BOOL=OFF -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Release vtk_src_tree
      NOTE: If you have already configured VTK with default settings, you
      must clean the build tree and rerun cmake with the above
      setting. Otherwise, bogus tests will remain.
      Change-Id: I996065a30aab43cca630a369b39d748de728039b
    • Dave DeMarle's avatar
      fix and restore example of external module · bc51f8e3
      Dave DeMarle authored
      Install more cmake infrastructure to build external modules
      from install tree.
      Update vtkLocal example to modular VTK mechanics.
        wrapped modules still have problems
      Change-Id: I2a46fc2f3ec32e05c986fa4cc92f3ad35ee7c12a
  3. 07 Jun, 2013 6 commits
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  5. 04 Jun, 2013 2 commits
    • Dave DeMarle's avatar
      suppress warnings from libxml2 · f62f9fd0
      Dave DeMarle authored
      It appears libxml2 uses gtk-doc instead of doxygen and that
      clang -Wdocumentation follows include files across libraries.
      So our normal third party module warning suppression won't work.
      Change-Id: Ic53045a570aa97c77352b5585dacd8cc47342895
    • David Thompson's avatar
      Use the font scaling provided by vtkTextActor. · 47b6fa6e
      David Thompson authored
      This will increase the size of fonts used on displays
      with high pixel densities.
      Also, this changes the signature of vtkTextActor::GetBoundingBox()
      to take a vtkViewport. Since this is a new method for VTK6, it is
      better to fix it now; having it pass a NULL viewport pointer
      internally was causing crashes.
      Finally, vtkTextActor::SetConstrainedFontSize() should take font
      scaling into account.
      Change-Id: I3cc99f99798da96f5c8e9249538ba269216e302a
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  9. 22 May, 2013 1 commit
    • Utkarsh Ayachit's avatar
      Cleanup OggTheora support. · 227749cb
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      There was no way to know if vtkIOMovie had OggTheora support enabled. Hence
      adding a vtkIOMovieConfigure file that has this configuration made available.
      Now when OggTheora support is available, vtkIOMovieConfigure.h defines
      Change-Id: I1efe54cb43f3ea09ab36a7bfa5a6a13d9b5c0593
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