1. 11 Jun, 2013 1 commit
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      BUG: Examples should build if BUILD_TESTING is OFF · 61511f37
      Bill Lorensen authored
      With BUILD_EXAMPLES:ON and BUILD_TESTING:OFF, the Examples should
      To configure VTK with BUILD_EXAMPLES:ON and BUILD_TESTING:OFF, from an
      empty build tree,
      cmake  -DBUILD_TESTING:BOOL=OFF -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE:STRING=Release vtk_src_tree
      NOTE: If you have already configured VTK with default settings, you
      must clean the build tree and rerun cmake with the above
      setting. Otherwise, bogus tests will remain.
      Change-Id: I996065a30aab43cca630a369b39d748de728039b
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      suppress warnings from libxml2 · f62f9fd0
      Dave DeMarle authored
      It appears libxml2 uses gtk-doc instead of doxygen and that
      clang -Wdocumentation follows include files across libraries.
      So our normal third party module warning suppression won't work.
      Change-Id: Ic53045a570aa97c77352b5585dacd8cc47342895
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      Use the font scaling provided by vtkTextActor. · 47b6fa6e
      David Thompson authored
      This will increase the size of fonts used on displays
      with high pixel densities.
      Also, this changes the signature of vtkTextActor::GetBoundingBox()
      to take a vtkViewport. Since this is a new method for VTK6, it is
      better to fix it now; having it pass a NULL viewport pointer
      internally was causing crashes.
      Finally, vtkTextActor::SetConstrainedFontSize() should take font
      scaling into account.
      Change-Id: I3cc99f99798da96f5c8e9249538ba269216e302a
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      Cleanup OggTheora support. · 227749cb
      Utkarsh Ayachit authored
      There was no way to know if vtkIOMovie had OggTheora support enabled. Hence
      adding a vtkIOMovieConfigure file that has this configuration made available.
      Now when OggTheora support is available, vtkIOMovieConfigure.h defines
      Change-Id: I1efe54cb43f3ea09ab36a7bfa5a6a13d9b5c0593
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