Commit e874c700 authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel
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Merge remote-tracking branch 'gl/dgobbi/stencildata-fixes' into release-6.3

* gl/dgobbi/stencildata-fixes:
  Consolidate vtkImageStencilData code, fix bugs.

Merge-request: !824
parents 1b7c71f5 3fe2d258
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......@@ -124,8 +124,8 @@ public:
// Description:
// Override these to handle origin, spacing, scalar type, and scalar
// number of components. See vtkDataObject for details.
virtual void CopyInformationFromPipeline(vtkInformation* meta_data);
virtual void CopyInformationToPipeline(vtkInformation* meta_data);
virtual void CopyInformationFromPipeline(vtkInformation *info);
virtual void CopyInformationToPipeline(vtkInformation *info);
// Description:
......@@ -136,38 +136,48 @@ public:
// Description:
// Add merges the stencil supplied as argument into Self.
virtual void Add ( vtkImageStencilData * );
virtual void Add(vtkImageStencilData *);
// Description:
// Subtract removes the portion of the stencil, supplied as argument,
// that lies within Self from Self.
virtual void Subtract( vtkImageStencilData * );
virtual void Subtract(vtkImageStencilData *);
// Description:
// Replaces the portion of the stencil, supplied as argument,
// that lies within Self from Self.
virtual void Replace( vtkImageStencilData * );
virtual void Replace(vtkImageStencilData *);
// Description:
// Clip the stencil with the supplied extents. In other words, discard data
// outside the specified extents. Return 1 if something changed.
virtual int Clip( int extent[6] );
virtual int Clip(int extent[6]);
enum Operation { Merge, Erase };
// Description:
// Get important info from pipeline.
void CopyOriginAndSpacingFromPipeline(vtkInformation* meta_data);
// Apply the given operation over the given (r1, r2) extent.
void LogicalOperationExtent(
int r1, int r2, int yIdx, int zIdx, Operation operation);
// Description:
// Combine with the given stencil, using the given operation.
void LogicalOperationInPlace(
vtkImageStencilData *stencil, Operation operation);
// Description:
// Merges portions of the stencil that are within Self's extents into
// itself.
virtual void InternalAdd( vtkImageStencilData * );
// Change the extent while preserving the data.
// This can be used to either expand or clip the extent. The new extent
// does not have to overlap the current extent.
void ChangeExtent(const int extent[6]);
void CollapseAdditionalIntersections(int r2, int idx, int *clist,
int &clistlen);
// Description:
// Get important info from pipeline.
void CopyOriginAndSpacingFromPipeline(vtkInformation *info);
// Description:
// The Spacing and Origin of the data.
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