Commit cb038d0b authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King
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commit-msg: Invoke gerrit/commit-msg if hooks.GerritId=true

Add a Gerrit Change-Id header if hooks.GerritId is true.  Print help if
the option is not set and a remote URL looks like Gerrit.
parent 7cd97516
......@@ -79,4 +79,44 @@ cat "$commit_msg" |
while IFS='' read line; do
msg_$state || break
done &&
rm -f "$commit_msg"
rm -f "$commit_msg" || exit 1
# Optionally run Gerrit's commit-msg hook to add a Change-Id line.
gerrit_advice() {
gerrits=$(git config -l |grep '^remote\.[^=]\+url=.*review.*$')
test "x$gerrits" != "x" || return
echo 'Some config values look like Gerrit Code Review URLs:'
echo ''
echo "$gerrits" | sed 's/^/ /'
echo '
This hook can automatically add a "Change-Id" footer to commit messages
to make interaction with Gerrit easier. To enable this feature, run
git config hooks.GerritId true
Then run "git commit --amend" to fix this commit. Otherwise, run
git config hooks.GerritId false
to disable the feature and this message.'
gerrit_error() {
die 'non-bool config value hooks.GerritId = '"$hooks_GerritId"
gerrit_hook() {
"$GIT_DIR/hooks/gerrit/commit-msg" "$@" ||
die 'gerrit/commit-msg failed'
hooks_GerritId=$(git config --get hooks.GerritId)
case "$hooks_GerritId" in
'true') gerrit_hook "$@" ;;
'false') ;;
'') gerrit_advice ;;
*) gerrit_error ;;
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