Commit 99d62fbb authored by Andrew Bauer's avatar Andrew Bauer Committed by Dave DeMarle
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Get rid of warning when using VTK externally through Python.

When importing VTK through Python without running vtkpyython,
Python will already be initialized. This gives a warning for
that but it should be taken out. This commit gets rid of that
undesired warning.

Change-Id: Id1aaf661de25f0c688a34a3c6d747f30283deb24
parent 3074f6e1
......@@ -172,8 +172,6 @@ void vtkPythonInterpreter::SetProgramName(const char* programname)
if (vtkPythonInterpreter::InitializedOnce ||
Py_IsInitialized() != 0)
vtkGenericWarningMacro("Calling SetProgramName() after Python was "
"initialized once. This indicates a bug.");
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