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pre-commit: Check submodules staged with other changes

Since Git does not automatically update submodule checkouts when
checking out a new version in the work tree, it is common to have
locally modified submodule references.  Therefore it is easy to stage
such modifications with other changes by accident, especially with
commands like "git add -u" or "git commit -a".  The result is almost
always wrong if the submodule change is not intended.

Prevent such mistakes by requiring an extra step to commit submodule
link updates with other changes.  When this case is detected, print a
message describing the situation and provide cut-and-paste instructions
to proceed.
parent 8653d286
......@@ -125,8 +125,61 @@ check_size() {
bad=$(git diff-index --cached $against -- |
sed -n '/^:[^:]/ {s/^://;p;}' |
short_commit() {
git rev-parse --short "$1" 2>/dev/null || echo "$1"
lookup_config_module_update() {
# Format is "aaaaaa..bbbbbb" for update aaaaaa => bbbbbb.
# Convert to regex "^aaaaaa[a-z0-9]* bbbbbb[a-z0-9]*$".
git config "hooks.$1.update" |
sed -n "/$regex/ {s/$regex/"'^\1[a-z0-9]* \2[a-z0-9]*$/;p;}' |
grep '.' # Return false if result is empty.
check_module() {
# Allow module-only commits without extra work.
test -z "$diffs_normal" && return
# Check if module update is allowed with other changes.
allow=$(lookup_config_module_update "$file") || allow='none'
if echo "$src_obj $dst_obj" | grep "$allow" > /dev/null; then
src_short=$(short_commit "$src_obj")
dst_short=$(short_commit "$dst_obj")
echo 'A submodule link is staged for commit (among other changes):
"'"$file"'" '"$src_short => $dst_short"'
This may occur by accident so we require an extra step to commit.
If you intend to include this change in your commit, run
git config "hooks.'"$file"'.update" '"$src_short..$dst_short"'
to explicitly allow the change and try the commit again. Otherwise run
git reset HEAD -- "'"$file"'"
to unstage the change. Furthermore, if you did not intend to modify
the submodule at all, also run
git submodule update -- "'"$file"'"
to checkout the current version of the submodule in your work tree.
Test your changes again to see if they still work with the module.
Finally, try the commit again.
diffs=$(git diff-index --cached $against -- |
sed -n '/^:[^:]/ {s/^://;p;}')
diffs_normal=$(echo "$diffs" | grep -v '^...... 160000')
diffs_module=$(echo "$diffs" | grep '^...... 160000')
test -n "$diffs_normal" && echo "$diffs_normal" |
while read src_mode dst_mode src_obj dst_obj status file; do
if test "$src_mode" != "$dst_mode" -a "$dst_mode" != "000000"; then
......@@ -134,5 +187,10 @@ while read src_mode dst_mode src_obj dst_obj status file; do
if test "$dst_mode" != "160000" -a "$dst_mode" != '000000'; then
test -n "$diffs_module" && echo "$diffs_module" |
while read src_mode dst_mode src_obj dst_obj status file; do
test -z "$bad" || die "$bad"
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