Commit 389c1171 authored by Matt McCormick's avatar Matt McCormick Committed by Brad King
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Remove .txx pre-commit check.

This is an ITK specific check.  It is already implemented in
the ITK Utilities/Hooks/pre-commit script executed in the hook chain.

This should allow commiting when on the ITK release branch where .txx
files still currently exist.

Change-Id: I1115a2129beb89d6657d599aa6e72bb6515dfca3
parent f059ba93
......@@ -299,22 +299,6 @@ done
test -z "$bad" || die "$bad"
# Do not allow adding of files with .txx extension.
diffs_added=$(git diff-index --diff-filter=A --cached $against -- |
sed -n '/^:[^:]/ {s/^://;p;}')
diffs_normal_added=$(echo "$diffs" | grep -v '^...... 160000')
test -n "$diffs_normal" && echo "$diffs_normal" |
while read src_mode dst_mode src_obj dst_obj status file; do
if echo "$file" | grep -q -E '\.txx$'; then
echo "Attempted to add file $file."
echo "Files with the .txx extension are not allowed -- use .hxx instead."
test -z "$bad" || die "$bad"
# Merge checks.
if test -n "$merge_head"; then
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